Weekend Wrap Up–Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

10 03 2013

This weekend was the first running “race” of the season for me, the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon. I use race in quotes because I didn’t really treat it as a race – it was planned to be a long training run, no pushing it, no racing.

I did this event last year with the same objective, and it really is perfect for a supported training run – it’s totally flat, and mostly on a gravel path along the lake. However, this year was so much nicer!

Last year, it was cold and rainy – very dreary. Last year, we went south to north. Last year, the “medals” were cardboard.

This year, it was cold and sunny – just beautiful! This year, we went north to south. This year, the medals were really medals, and hefty to boot!

I won’t get into a race report, because honestly, there is nothing to report. I was deliberately slow, had a predictable race, and enjoyed a morning outside. The longest I’d run before this year before yesterday was…6 miles, and it took 90 minutes to do that because we live on a ginormous hill and those 6 miles had 2000 feet of elevation descent and gain. So, the day was a success as it served its purpose exactly!

Here are a few photos of the day. It was a bit foggy and cold to start, but burned off quickly.





After the race, we resumed weekend as usual and finished putting bamboo on the family room ceiling. A good thing about having an easy-going race is that I wasn’t out of commission the rest of the weekend. We’re taking this workweek off of home improving, but will get back to it next weekend.

Meantime, we took a little working getaway to rest. Pipa approves!




3 responses

11 03 2013

You and those silly running races!!!

Congrats on the race

13 03 2013

Haha, I know. It’s a problem. ;)

29 10 2015
Otelia Dorantes

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