Body Boarding at Hukilau Beach

20 06 2013

I am no Gidget, so surfing wasn’t/isn’t on the agenda for our little beach vacation. However, body boarding is approachable, has a short learning curve, and is relatively cheap.

Intent on trying it for the first time since I was a kid spending my summer on the South Texas Gulf Coast with my grandparents, I did a little research and found out that Hukilau Beach is a great spot for body boarding.  It’s a sandy beach with relatively easy waves.

We had picked up a couple of body boards at Target to use for the week, figuring it was a wash on renting and we’d like control over not having to hurry back to a rental place. As it turns out, the house we rented is less than a mile from Hukilau Beach – it was meant to be!


After the monster hike at Koko Head Crater, we milled around Honolulu, grabbed some lunch, and headed back to the house to cool off. We were both still damp with sweat when we got back, almost three hours after the hike, so a dip in the ocean would be perfect.


Before I could even get to the water, 2Chili had already surrendered his sunglasses to the Pacific Ocean, but he rallied and we had quite a nice time “riding waves” for a couple hours. I say “riding” in quotes because we weren’t exactly out in big, dangerous surf. But, it was enough for us! We would grab a wave, ride it back to shore, then go back and try to find another one. It was impressive he was able to do this with no glasses, but he made out just fine, and decided goggles will be the way to go from now on!


The beach was crowded right by the parking lot, but a 200 yard walk gave us a private beach to be as dorky as we wanted. We took a little video to prove we did indeed body board, and boy, the waves seemed a lot bigger in our minds’ eyes than in reality!

Here I am being thoroughly amused, standing out with my swim cap and goggles. Seriously though, I do prefer a swim cap and goggles to keep the salt water out of my eyes.


Amazingly, time just evaporated while we were playing in the waves. I left understanding how people can surf all day – you completely lose track of time!

It’s funny how memories can take over in certain situations, too. As we were leaving the beach, I had the strongest craving for a fountain Coca-Cola with lots of ice. I almost never drink soda these days, but as a kid, after we spent the day at the beach, we went straight to 7-11 and got a Coke to share between me, my brother, and our Grandpa. Salt air and complete exhaustion equals Coca-Cola! Luckily, there isn’t a convenience store close and I survived just fine with plain ol’ water. Winking smile



3 responses

20 06 2013
Erin Elizabeth

Great post. Just wanted to share my hiliarious Ecuadorian adventure with a fellow writer. Hope you enjoy mine as much as I have enjoyed yours.

20 06 2013
Lisa Halbert

Looks like you guys are having a great time!!! And the swim cap made me laugh ;-) Enjoy!!!

23 06 2013

Haha, I really to prefer it! Such a triathlete dork. ;)

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