Diamond Head Delight

24 06 2013

To wrap up our Oahu hiking adventure, we hit up Diamond Head last Thursday, which was by far the most crowded – and easiest – hike we did. The literature said plan on 1.5 – 2 hours, but this is a generous amount of time. We needed only 14 minutes to climb it, and a little less than that to descend going at a moderate speed. So, people in good shape can count on 30-45 minutes of  moving time – not counting the time required to take in the scenery, which is the whole point anyway!


This was also the only place we paid to park for an entire week in Hawaii! It is $5 for a carload, or, you can walk in for $1 a person. Luckily, we were early (8 a.m.) and were able to get a parking spot, because on the way out, there were no more spots and people were walking up a “pre-hill” from a lower parking lot. This hike is popular!

I was really amazed at how unprepared people were do to the hike – many using flip flops (“slippahs”) or other inappropriate footwear, and many just really not in great physical condition to be hiking up a volcanic crater on uneven footing.

Diamond Head is no secret spot!


Little did I know it, but by the end of this day, I would have a full-on head cold, and our trip was about to take an annoying turn for a few reasons. But, we enjoyed the hike and its spectacular scenery.


Below is the Diamond Head lighthouse.


And here is the inside of the crater:


2Chili and I have to be the only people that can spend a week in Hawaii and come back just as pasty white as we showed up! Sunscreen at all costs!


In terms of hike stats/difficulty level, I found this one to be relatively easy as it only gained 432 feet – pretty comparable to a daily dog walk in our neighborhood, in fact. Of course, people that don’t live on a giant hill may disagree! Koko Head was by far the hardest hike we did.



I have just a few more photos to share tomorrow – this time from Waikiki, and that’ll be a wrap on Hawaii photos…aloha!



3 responses

24 06 2013
debbie T

wow, wow, wow, those views are spectacular. You make me laugh with your hiking comments too. I love it

24 06 2013
Lisa Halbert

Did you encounter a toddler potty there too? ;-)

24 06 2013

Haha, no, thankfully! Though, I could have dealt with it better in a hiking situation than trapped in an airplane with the toddler who only eats milk and cheese and then has to remove said milk and cheese. And then replace the milk and cheese. Over and over and over again. You see the issue! ;)

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