Seafair Sprint Triathlon Race Report

21 07 2013

Well, we haven’t done one of these in a while!

I had never done this race before – it was very fun! Today was a typical Seattle marine layer day, so it was overcast the entire race, which I very much enjoyed.

There are two distances to this race, Olympic and Sprint. The Olympic started at 6:30 a.m., so everyone was supposed to be racked and out of transition by that time. My wave didn’t start until 7:35, so now having done the race, I found out you really don’t have to get there by 6:30. Lesson for another day.


Sadly, I didn’t make it home with this wetsuit. When I went to claim my gear, it was no longer at my spot. Oh well, excuse to get a new one, I guess!

Oh! Results. I ended up 15th out of 45 women in the 35-39 age group. Hey, that’s not too bad for a last-minute decision.

Swim: 1/2  mile, 19:01

I only started swimming again three weeks ago after over a year off, so I wasn’t expecting much here. The race is held in Seward Park, with the swim in Andrews Bay. Lake Washington was surprisingly warm this year – just perfect.


My only goals were to freestyle stroke the entire way and not get caught up in any argy-bargy. I met both of these goals – success! I went out easy and just kept it that way, occasionally ending up on the feet of someone slower, and, by the end, surprisingly catching men from the wave before us. That was strange. Of course, the younger men from the wave behind us also were in the mix by the end – speedy boys!DSC_0051

I was expecting between 18-20 minutes, so 19 minutes is exactly on target.

Bike: 12 miles, 40:18

This was a fairly slow bike for me but I think the course was a bit harder/hillier than I was expecting. I was hoping for closer to 36 minutes, but had guessed it would be somewhere between 36-40 minutes. Overall, it was a great ride on a completely closed course, including the I-90 Express Lanes.

In any case, I love to bike! I am completely in the wrong, but I see triathlons as a bike race with some pre- and post-requisites. This is totally the wrong way to approach this sport, but I really do favor the bike over everything else.

There is one pinch point up a slight hill as you get on the bridge, but it’s otherwise very smooth sailing. Of course, bridges aren’t flat, so, there is a climb before the turnaround and then a climb before you leave the bridge. Nothing too crazy, but enough to put a damper in your rhythm a little.

Here is a course profile.


Run: 3.1 miles, 31:57


My goals on this leg were to not walk and keep moving. I was hoping for under 32:00, so, I just barely squeaked in. The hardest part of a triathlon run is about the first 5 minutes when your legs are very confused. That was true today, and after about a half mile, I ended up feeling okay and just going my little turtle pace.

The run is pretty flat, except for a decent hill around the 1.5 mile marker, which clearly impacted mile 2 of my run.



Surprisingly, no women 35-39 passed me in the first 2 miles. I thought this was very weird and just knew it was coming.

Sure enough, in the last 1.1 miles, 5 women in my age group passed, but I passed one other, making the net loss on the run 4 slots.

Not bad, to be honest. If I would accept that this is not a bike race and learn how to run, perhaps I could preserve my place a little better!

This picture was about 100 yards from the finish – happy to be done!


For the record, even Jabba the Hut passed me on this run. No, really.


Also for the record, Jabba was really a decent runner. He was part of a relay including Darth Vader as the swimmer and a Storm Trooper as the biker. He announced his presence to runners he wished to pass by stating, “trash bag coming through!” Entertaining, for sure.

All in all, it was a fun day and a great race. Very well organized and supported – I will definitely go back!




4 responses

23 07 2013
debbie T

yay, congrats! Just the fact that you finished is an accomplishment in my book! And did someone really steal your wetsuit? That is just so gross, and RUDE!

23 07 2013

Thanks Debbie, it was a fun day!

Remarkably, I got my wetsuit back! I am not really sure what happened. I either dropped it in the wrong slot somewhere or someone mistakenly took it – they all look alike, honestly. But, my name and number were written in it, and the organizers called me yesterday saying they had it. A quick trip downtown and I had it back. Yay!

23 07 2013
debbie T

Oh that is good to know. It makes me feel better about mankind now. LOL

28 08 2013

How is the recovery process coming? I am so frustrated with mine. sighhhh

I saw your Seattle candy cane cast post but is gone.

I have a ton of pics of Europe on FB if you on it.

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